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  • Auto Pedestrian Collision

    25 Nov 2019  |  Michael Clinton  |  Car Accidents, Personal Injury

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 6,283 pedestrian deaths in 2018, the most pedestrian deaths in almost thirty years. Texas is the 8th most dangerous state in the country for pedestrians according to Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition. The same data ranks the greater Houston area as the 23rd most […]

  • How Social Media Affects Your Lawsuit

    13 Jun 2019  |  P&K Law Firm  |  Car Accidents, Houston Law Firm, Personal Injury

    Social media has grown exponentially in the last decade and is a routine part of many people’s lives. It allows people to share their experiences, connect with others, and promote themselves and their businesses. However, social media affects your lawsuit because it is a permanent, digital record of everything anyone posts. Therefore, it is so […]

  • Dealing With Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist

    01 Apr 2019  |  P&K Law Firm  |  Car Accidents

    In the state of Texas, everybody should have car insurance. If you go down to get your car inspected, if you go renew your registration, or if you want to get a driver’s license. Just about anything, they will ask you for proof of insurance. Everybody should have insurance but the reality of it is […]

  • Ride Sharing Injuries Increase With Rise of Uber & Lyft.

    21 Feb 2018  |  Adam Blake  |  Car Accidents

    Technology is evolving every day, and because of that, the world we know is constantly changing. Since 2000, technology has made our lives easier, from shopping online to having groceries delivered to our homes. That was no different in 2009. That year, Uber Technologies, Inc. began in California. This ridesharing idea served as a competitor to […]

  • Steps To Take Following an 18-Wheeler Crash

    06 Nov 2017  |  Adam Blake  |  Car Accidents

    We have all experienced it, driving down the freeway in Texas only to see an 18-wheeler struggling to keep its massive rig in a single lane. Thoughts fill your mind: what happens if this truck loses control? How can I get ahead of this 18-wheeler before the situation takes an unsafe turn? These are normal […]

  • There Are Four Types of Driver Distraction

    30 Oct 2017  |  Don Kidd  |  Car Accidents

    Distracted driving is any activity an operator of a motor vehicle is engaged in that both distracts them from their primary task of driving and increases their risk of an accident. In other words, distracted driving is any activity diverting a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. There are four types of […]

  • The Relationship Between Insomnia and Fatal Car Accidents

    22 May 2015  |  Jim Perdue  |  Car Accidents, Personal Injury

    Countless people throughout Texas experience exhaustion and many are insomniacs, whether or not they have a medical diagnosis. On the heels of several studies linking the condition to fatal car accidents. Experts are urging people to address and treat their sleep issues, as it could save their lives. The Sleep Research Society and the American […]

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