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Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

08 Jan 2018  | Don Kidd  | Personal Injury

Social Media Personal Injury

Today we live in a social media world. Anything that you do can be posted on just about any site. People will post their food selections, their vacations, and all sorts of other things. If you go read someone’s Facebook posts you may think that these people have these spectacular lives and they go on vacations all the time. The reality is, folks are just like you and me. However they are just posting the good things of their lives.

Social media can be a great detriment if you have a personal injury claim because the other side is always going to be looking for your Facebook posts, looking for your Instagram posts, looking for anything that they can use against you. If you get injured in a car wreck and six months later you are still in pain but you go to a birthday party and you are sitting there trying to enjoy yourself and you smile for a picture and it gets posted on social media. The insurance company will use that picture to say that you are not hurt.  The insurance company will say that you are out enjoying yourself just because of that one picture. It’s not fair but it happens. My suggestion to you is, if you are involved in a crash or an incident in which you you have suffered injuries DON’T post them on Facebook or any social media. You may intend them to be a display of how badly you are hurt but they will always be used against you.

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